We accept debit and all major credit cards*; including Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express. We also accept Personal Checks* (with the exception of starter checks), Food Stamps and WIC. For your convenience we have an ATM inside at the front of the store near the registers.

We also have a Michigan Lottery terminal at the front office and an instant ticket machine next to the front office. For those who don’t wish to wait in line to play their draw game tickets at the office window, our instant machine supports drag game ticket play. You have the option of manually typing the numbers in or inserting a bet slip. (The instant machine does not give change; exact change only please).

For your convenience our lobby houses a DTE kiosk and an Amazon Locker. You can now pay your DTE bill or pick up your Amazon packages before or after your shopping trip. (Please note that packages must be delivered to the locker, not directly to the store. Packages sent to the store instead of the locker will not be accepted or held.)

Bill Pay coming soon.

For any questions please consult the Contact Us page.