Water & Paper Products Stocked

It’s delivery day at Royal Fresh Market and we have stocked up our water and paper products. We have done our best to keep a supply of these items, especially during the pandemic, and today is no exception.

See for yourself!

And we’d also like to tell you to keep an eye out for our online sales ad. Coming Soon!

Pandemic Store Policies

To our customers

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for the entire world; damaging economies and everyone’s personal well-being. At Royal Fresh Market, we want to continue to offer the best selection and service that we can in spite of the strain on the supply chain and the dangers of exposure. In an effort to keep our customers and employees safe during the pandemic we have decided to implement some precautionary policies effective immediately.

  1. Our Store hours will be 9 am – 5 pm everyday (holiday hours may vary)
  2. We will only permit 25 customers in the store at a time to promote social distancing. (This count will include children)
  3. We will only have a maximum of 3 lanes open to maximize social distancing for the cashiers.
  4. All sales will be final once an item leaves the store. We wish to minimize the risk of contamination of grocery items.
  5. We will not accept any bottle returns as the virus can live on the bottles for days.
  6. We will no longer be playing lottery at the office. The self-serve machine will remain operational as long as the state permits.
  7. Registers will be outfitted with a splash-shield in front of the cashier.
  8. We will be doing all cleaning with a specialized virucide/sanitizer solution to minimize microbial activity on common surfaces.
  9. We are temporarily suspending publishing sales ads. Increases in wholesale cost to us as well as limited supply on items can no longer be predicted. Instead we will create more in-store specials based on any deals that we receive.

These policies will remain in effect until further notice.

We thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience. We are in this together.


Accepting Applications

Cashier Position Open as of April 11, 2017
Position Filled

Are you seeking part-time employment in a friendly work environment? Do you have skills in customer service and experience as a cashier? If you answered yes to these questions, we may have a place for you at Royal Fresh Market.

We are currently seeking friendly, enthusiastic, adaptable people to fill the position of cashier at Royal Fresh Market. We ask that applicants have experience (not required but does help), are 18 or older, have some problem solving skills, and have open availability (those with very few scheduling stipulations will also be considered). Applications can be filled out on this site by clicking this link:

Applications will be reviewed and interviews will be scheduled for those who meet our criteria as soon as this week.

Thank You,

We look forward to welcoming you as our newest team member.

Power Restored

After the wind storm last week Wednesday we were left with partial power. Many of our coolers and freezers were left inoperable and this forced us to dispose of a lot of our perishables.

Power was fully restored to our store on Monday, March 13, 2017 and as of today all of our departments are operational. This means that we have all fresh dairy, meat, deli, and produce on our shelves for our customers; so….. silver lining. It literally allows us to start fresh this week.

We’d like to thank everyone for being patient with us as we all suffered through this difficult time together and we hope to see you soon.

Project Green Light Partner

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with the Detroit Police Department and joined Project Green Light initiative. The program allows the DPD to work with businesses to help keep customers and neighborhoods safer.We have installed high-resolution cameras that are directly monitored by a crime center in real-time. The program has already been successful as many of the business using the program have already seen a drop in crime on their premises. We will continue to partner with the Detroit Police Department; and hope that the program continues to succeed and keep our neighborhoods safe.

For more information please consult Project Green Light Detroit.